Mikey Young / Working Men's Club exclusives and more!

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Mikey Young / Working Men's Club exclusives and more!

We're very grateful to be one of very few shops in the world to have Mikey Young's You Feelin' Me? solo LP, reissued by Castle Face, on limited purple vinyl! There's only 200 of these in circulation, so be quick.

Full of cool, gentle pulsations lapping over your toes, vitamin D soaking into the back of your neck, golden light still colouring your squinting eyelids.. Next song and you're sprinting across the sea front, bare foot on hot stone, scaling rockpool-cratered cliffs, feeling sun-kissed/blissed/spliffed ~~ take a dive, the water's fine!
Another hard to come by item we've gotten our mitts on - the very limited edition 12" EP version of the new single from one of our favourite new bands, Working Men's Club. A 3 and a half minute snarl of electronic Post Punk gnashing from the young West Yorkshire 4 piece, with a hook that sticks with you like toffee. Du du du du du du du DA, du du du du du du du DA! Their sold out gig at The Lexington last night was a real jaw clencher. Go see 'em when you get a chance..
The EP comes backed with an extended mix of the track and 2 perfect match-up remixes from Factory Floor-er Gabe Gurnsey. We're the only shop in London with this, with only 200 copies in total. Hand stamped and numbered by a certain curly haired STP employee... Smudges add value I promise!! Includes a 12" art print + "Greetings from the Calder Valley" postcard.
UPDATE: Erm, sold out, sorry. sold em quicker than I had time to write this. Still got a copy of the non-limited version though! If yr speedy!!
The final high alert, get it while ya can item of the day is the Dinked Edition of the third full length album from Kindness. Made fresh following big collaborations with Solange, Blood Orange and Robyn, the Dinked Edition is pressed on exclusive yellow vinyl and features 3 art prints, one of which is signed. 
Our Finders Keepers overlords have blessed us once again; their latest release Strain, Crack & Break exhumes and unlocks a treasure trove long lost and scattered.. The infamous Nurse With Wound List, an alphabeticised mega-directory of obscure avant-garde music from across time and space, is being explored in a series of new compilations in collaboration with Steven Stapleton. This first volume collects the French-originated music on the list - spanning prog, psych, free-jazz, music concrete and more - into a 13 track double LP compendium. So much incredible stuff!
Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Nik Void bring their Carter Tutti Void collaborative project to an end on their 3rd LP TriumvirateA fantastic conclusion, its cold kineticism bubbling to the brim with fizzy hooks - sure y'all you know what you're getting into with this.
HTRK seep a fine mist of lethargy into our airways with their new album Venus In Leo, entering your system undetected and then growing in density, weighing you down from the inside.. a whisper in your ear that wells up and drags you down slowly with its melancholic melodies.
For your Cold Wave fix this week Curses' LP Carcassonne's got ya covered. Excellently described as "The Cure on a study visit in John Carpenters studio in 1983," Curses takes influence from 80s sci-fi/horror soundtracks alongside leftfield techno and post-punk. The first track features some uneasy slap bass that sounds like a gurgling, wretching beast moments before a huge stomach explosion, chunks flying everywhere, gross-out shot. To me at least. Thumbs up.
Yet another helluva stunning entry into the Japanese ambient/environmental reissue stream, and one that has no problem floating to the top, is Satoshi Ashikawa's Still Way: Wave Notation 2. WRWTFWW Records have done the fine job they always do, and the package is beautiful, with artwork by Ashikawa's peer Hiroshi Yoshimura and liner notes from Midori Takada, allowing insight into the approach and process that birthed this gorgeous music. More minimalist than droney, full of delicate plucked harp and vibraphones, perfect for watching the world go by.
Shards are a twelve piece choir led by Terry Riley collaborator Kieran Brunt. On their new album for Erased Tapes they create intricate textures of layered voice twisted around fragments of synths and percussion. Tons of beguiling vocal techniques and lush production courtesy of Brunt and Paul Corley (Sigur Ros, Oneohtrix Point Never, Yves Tumor) make for a truly rich listening experience
Last recommendation on this tip is Death And Springthe result of a new collaboration between Tomaga's Tom Relleen and French violinist Agathe Max, entitled Papivores. Dense and unnerving, the album's cover, depicting a mass of ladybirds crawling over each other, matches the creep-out evil forest paranoia this record induces at times. 
From around the globe, Red Axes' second volume in their Trips series takes them to Vietnam to collaborate with local musicians, Strut document Malagasy salegy, soukous & soul from 1974-1984 on Alefa Madagascar and Esa spirals outwards from South Africa on his new compilation for Soundway.
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy teams up with Bryce Dessner and ensemble Eighth Blackbird for some classical / minimalist arrangements of Bonnie Billy favourites, Dessner pieces, old folk tunes and a kinda random but really great performance of Julius Eastman's Stay On It. Fluttering bird-mimick violin lines on 'One With The Birds' and yet another contender for best 'New Partner' version are highlights.
RVNG releasing a West Coast bedroom folk-pop record is defo unusual but this new Dylan Moon record is sooo beautiful. Metronomically driven and full of incidental recording curios like little bumps in the road, the whole album feels like being ridden in the back of a pick up truck down to the creek for a cool dip.
Also of note is the new Joan Shelley LP that I haven't gotten round to listening to properly cos this is taking me way too long to write! I can't do all the listening for you!! Love her tho. And it's got Will Oldham and Nathan Salsburg on it. Bound to be a winner.
Plus some wickedly intense free jazz BYG Actuel reissues from Sonny Sharrock (whom Ryley Walker once insisted to my mum that I was named after, even though she'd never heard of him) and Clifford Thornton, and Bobby Hutcherson's classic Montara for the smoother motherfuckers of you.
In other news Madlib and Egon from Now-Again were next door with our lovely neighbours Bright the other day and we were closed! D'oh! 


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