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Been a bit spoilt again with new releases and restocks in the past few weeks, here's a few of our highlights:

My absolute favourite new album recently has been 75 Dollar Bill's I Was Real (Tak:til/Glitterbeat). Extended minimalist droning grooves with blistering microtonal Northwest African inspired guitar lines and the most transcendental and spiritual percussive sounds imaginable coming out of a plywood crate. A great cast of guest musicians and added instrumentation fleshes out this double LP into grand scale proportions, in comparison to the mostly further stripped back (but just as incredible) previous LP Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock. These sold out in a flash so hold tight for incoming repress! FFO Horse Lords, Joshua Abrams/Natural Information Society & Tuareg guitar music.
All three of us in the shop have been loving Soul Jazz Records' new World Of Keith Haring compilation, featuring music influential to the artist during a very fertile period of New York history. Featuring Larry Levan, Jean-Michel Basquiat's Gray, Fab 5 Freddy and more across a lovely 3LP set. It's Soul Jazz, you know the drill!
Back in stock we've got the beautiful self titled Alice Clark reissue on Wewantsounds, at a more affordable price this time and all! A cult jazz-soul classic.

Oren Ambarchi steps out of the chugging avant-garde club he's been occupying on his last few LPs and back out into the warm ambient night with new album Simian Angel, more akin to his previous stuff on Touch and his collaborative longform pieces with Jim O'Rourke et al. This one features legendary Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista and includes a gorgeous passage of (apparently guitar-triggered) piano on the second side. How does this guy do it?! So consistently engrossing. Even seeing him three nights on the trot a couple months back failed to waver my obsession!

On the soundtrack front we've got a good triple whammy for ya. First the soundtrack to S Craig Zahler's latest, Dragged Across Concrete, wicked film by the director of Bone Tomahawk and Brawl In Cell Block 99. Always impressive when a filmmaker also composes their own music, and Zahler does it so well alongside Jeff Herriott, with vocal performances from the legendary Butch Tavares, The O'Jays and more. Have been listening to 'Don't Close The Drive In' over and over since coming out of the cinema back in April. 

Twin Peaks: The Return, recently hailed by Jim Jarmusch as the greatest work of American cinema of the 21st century, has just had it's hugely tense and atmospheric score done justice by Death Waltz and pressed on Cherry Pie Splatter and Machine Room Grey Vinyl. That instantly recognisable Badalamenti sound comes thick and smoky, sitting next to music composed by Johnny Jewel, Chromatics and David Lynch himself. Also includes the apocalyptic Penderecki composition 'Threnody For The Victory Of Hiroshima' as used to devastating effect in the now infamous 8th part/episode.

Elsewhere, Cliff Martinez teams up with Nicholas Winding Refn once again for his latest series Too Old To Die Young. Excellent stuff as always, 2LP released by Milan.

Trash Kit are back! You may know Rachael Aggs from her other groups Shopping and Sacred Paws, with Trash Kit she's joined by Rachel Horwood (Bas Jan/Bamboo) and Gill Partington in creating some of the most righteous, encouraging and effervescent music you ever did hear. Aggs is an absolute guitar hero, inspired heavily by traditional playing from Zimbabwe (do I need to shut up about African and African-inspired guitar or are we in agreement that it's some of the most joyous noise in existence?), Horwood is an incredibly inventive drummer, and Partington dishes up bouncy post-punk basslines aplenty. 7+ minute instrumental 'Disco' is a highlight, grooving along and crescending into scratchy improv chaos, got Comet Is Coming's Dan Leavers on sax too! On top of this, the band's second album Confidence is being reissued and is out this Friday, both albums courtesy of Upset The Rhythm.
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